The workshop

In the secrecy of a Parisian workshop…made to order, timeless, the hand shapes the exceptional with art and traditions. Subtle mix, of patient know-how and ancient mastering, for exceptional and unique jewelry pieces.


Once made, the different metal elements come together in one final piece. Definition of the colors when ….



Claw, grain or bezel set…..each stone make one with the creation. Shops, hammerer and masses surround it with metal. The hand turns its sides until the balance is perfect.

Reflection of an expert precision which enhances its natural shine.


The assembling finished, brushes and linen threads polish each creation with precision, details visible in hidden angles. The polished metal shines of all its lights and reveal the stones at their best.


Jewel marking


Model maker

After studying the volumes, true to the emotion of its lines, the colored design come to life in the volume of a wax sculpture finely chiseled. Art of precision where the hand gives to the piece, its movement its most beautiful proportions. And delivers his prototype to the smelter.


For certain creations, this ancestral technique, lay on the metal glass colored pigments: The enamel “grand feu” . A rare and complex know-how, still practiced in our workshop.


Precious metal

Gold marked 753: yellow, white or pink. Platinum 950. Our jewels are made with precious metal, of an exceptional quality.

The stones

The sparkle of the colors, and their light. Rough or sculpted. The stones fill each creation with poetry.


A precious selection

Seeker of stones of exceptional natural beauty, rare and mysterious: our passionate experience gives to each model a demanding selection of purity and color.

Variation on one jewel: You chose your stone. The promise of an emotion of a unique creation, guaranteed by a certificate of origin that you can upload before the purchase. The quality you select will define the final price.


The Diamonds

Sparks of light revealed at their best. Intense. Sparkling. Our best diamonds offers two categories of excellence: D/E or F/G


Natural colors

Blue, yellow, green, red, lilac…. The natural colored stones shine by their rarity.

Certified jewels adorning each piece with pure emotion, unique sparkle.


The center stone

At the center of the creation, uncalibrated, the central stone shine by its size and its uniqueness. Unique signature of the piece, chosen amid our original selection.


Colored stones

Garnet demantoïde, shades of sapphires, red spinelle, tourmaline, opals, tanzanites….. This precious chromatic range offers a panel of highlights already cut. Selective and evolutive.


The ornamental stones

Lapis Lazuli, jade, onyx, pink opal, chrysoprase, amazonite, tiger eye…. Adorn the creations. Sparks cut for the piece with precision.