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DuoDeci was created in 2015, its goal: shed some light on young and talented fine jewelry designers, with a vision of the world of fine jewelry best described as avant-garde.

Most certainly an innovative idea, but not short of a revolutionary one! This innovative approach founded by Arnaud Pradat, recognized by the state as “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the fine jewelry field, combines two, usually opposite world: The Digital world and the Fine Jewelry world.

Each client can choose an original and exclusive jeweled piece on DuoDeci’s web site, where they also can discover the path and creative universe of each young designers therefore it is important for each customer to be taken in charge by a DuoDeci’s team member to assist in the creation of the dreamed jeweled piece, and inform the customer of the progression of the piece as well as helping in the selection from an array of stones.  

Each designer will sign his or her piece and each will be numbered from 1 to 12, certifying that it will not be produced more than 12 times. Twelve because to obtain the title “oeuvre d’Art” only 12 copies of an original are permitted, and DuoDeci has the desire to maintain a level of exclusivity.

This original approach to fine jewelry leaves nothing to chance. The manufacturing is performed by the best Parisian workshops, selected for their absolute mastery in each process that leads to the creation of a jewel, The Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and the Maîtres d’Art who leads them, know, as no other, how to give life to precious metal. The grandest of jewelers internationally come knocking on the doors of these renowned workshops, asking to provide their rare mastery on exceptional jewels, for which France remains so emblematic.

DuoDeci has perfectly reproduced on their website the sophisticated atmosphere of high end jewelry. The customers enter here as if walking directly into a high-end workshop. A hotline is made available to insure the assistance as discreet and personalized as a luxury concierge service.

Being at the heart of the creation, discuss with talents of the jewelry scene, DuoDeci offers a passionate experience where you become the orchestrator of your own exclusive jewel.

"Les pièces sont signées du créateur et sont numérotées de 1 à 12, certifiant qu'elles ne seront pas réalisées en plus de 12 exemplaires, comme une sculpture d'art. Ainsi DuoDeci s'inscrit d'emblée dans le langage de l'exclusivité."

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